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Herringbone Milking Systems

ML3100 with MSA30 ACR Swingarms
  • DeLaval Midiline (Herringbone) Systems
  • ML2100 and ML3100 Parlours
  • Automatic Cup Removers 
  • MSA30 Swingarm solution
  • Milking Point Controllers and Milk Meters
  • High Flow Milking Clusters
  • Lobe Air Vacuum Pumps
  • Variable Speed Drive Controllers (VSD) for Vacuum and Milk Pump

Rotary Parlours

Rotary Milking Systems Cambridge Waikato

DeLaval E100 Rotary IDD Interactive Display

High performance equipment
  • DeLaval E100 Rotary Milking System
  • DeLaval FastLane™ bridge - calm and efficient cow movement
  • DeLaval ComfortBail™ - integrated connectyions and technology

Improved operational systems
  • DeLaval CockPit™- run the entire shed all within one arm’s length of where you stand at “cups-on”
  • DeLaval DelPro™ Herd Management Integration


Parallel Parlour with Rapid Exit

Milking Machines Cambridge Waikato

Milking Systems Cambridge Waikato

DeLaval P2100
  • Faster throughput
  • Wide entrance lane with sliding entrance gate, quick entry and easy turning encourages fast loading of cows
  • Unique, open bottom neck-rail, designed with an understanding of how cows move for faster entrance and exit
  • Optimal cow comfort
  • Cluster support, provides comfort for both operator and cow by ensuring perfect cluster alignment, to prevent liner slip and reducing risk of mastitis
  • Fully adjustable neck-rail, suitable for different cow breeds and sizes
  • Clean and comfortable working space - suspended butt-pan gives unobstructed view of the udder resulting in better working environment and operator comfort
  • Robust and functional design
  • DelPro Herd Management system - Milk Meters ICAR, Drafting, Body Condition Score and more...

Robotic Parlours - VMSTM

VMS Milking System Cambridge Waiakto
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DeLaval VMS™

A key tool in improving the productivity and longevity of your cows - all while reducing the labour hours per litre of milk

  • Contributes to superior udder health
  • Contributes to highest milk quality
  • Contributes to healthier cows
  • Reduces reliance on labour
  • Control over operations
  • Track daily routines
  • Actionable intelligence
  • Smooth and quiet
  • Consistent and gentle
  • Safe for cows and workers
  • Improve longevity
  • Improve fertility
  • Improve udder health


DelPro Herd Management System with Milk Meters

DelPro™ Farm Manager

DelPro Farm Manager presents the information captured, processed and analysed by DelPro to allow you to monitor the operation of your dairy farm from one easy to use application.

  • Dashboard view for instant overview
  • Easily customised to meet your needs
  • Simple user interface
  • On screen access to provide a total overview 
  • DelPro Farm Manager is the key to turning all the data recorded on your farm into valuable, easily understood, actionable information
  • Your Monitor Board provides exactly this
  • It provides a dashboard which gives you a snapshot of everything you need to know in an easily understood and evaluated visual format

DeLaval DelPro - Maximise Milk Production

               Delpro Herd Management Cambridge Waikato

Milking System Automation

Automatic Cup Removers with Milk Meters
Auto Drafting Gate Solutions - DSG3
Weigh Scales - AWS 100 walk over weighing
Body Condition Scoring - BCS cameras
DelPro Herd Management
With the support of our customers we have been able to supply and service the Cambridge and the wider Waikato area for over 35 years. Over this time, we have helped our customers establish and expand their operations by providing the right milking machine, knowledge and service to match their requirements.  As specialists in milking machines, we are:
  • Experts with conventional Herringbone and Rotary Platform milking systems
  • Certified dealers of the latest technology - robotic Voluntary Milking Systems (DeLaval VMS)
  • New Zealand Milking and Pumping Trade Assn (NZMPTA) qualified testers
  • Cambridge and Waikato wide servicing, preventative maintenance and repairs for all milking systems
  • Available 24 hours / 7 days a week for emergency breakdown call outs - 


Our trade qualified milking plant testers carry out annual and mid season milking plant checks to ensure that your milking system is in tip top form, in hand with undertaking preventative maintenance, giving peace you of mind to focus on other parts of your farming operation needing your attention.
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We operate a reliable 24hr / 7 day a week breakdown call out service is only a phone call away 07 827 3591.

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