We have many years of experience in designing, supplying, installing, servicing and repairing all aspects of water supply systems, including:
  • Dairy farms
  • Dry stock farms
  • Lifestyle blocks
  • Town & rural sump, private sewerage and storage pumps
  • Farm, domestic & industrial pumps
  • Deepwell & submersible bore pumps
  • Effluent & sewage
  • Trenching & pipe laying
  • Water treatment, filtration and UV sterilisation
  • System design, supply and installation

We are able to deliver all customer needs from the smallest of repairs all the way through to complete new water systems, whatever the application.
Our strong alliances with major suppliers that include Grundfos Pumps, RX Plastic Tanks, Hansen fittings, amongst others, allows us to provide sustainable solutions for:
  • Farm dairy water reticulation, washdown, cooling and effluent applications
  • Equipment to facilitate industrial factories producing food and beverage products
  • Delivery of clean and safe drinking water to urban water supplies
  • Rainwater reuse in homes
  • Irrigation systems for parks and sports fields
As a member of the Authorised Grundfos pump dealership network this allows our customers to select from pumps and pumping systems, which cover a wide range of applications across the entire water life cycle - Water Supply, Water Transfer, Water Treatment and Wastewater.
Safe drinking water – household and farm
We are able to undertake laboratory backed water tests, advising on any appropriate corrective actions needed to improve water quality. Allied to this we have complete solutions to provide clean and potable water using  UV sterilisation and filtration systems that are designed to maintain water safety for rural domestic situations.

Following installation, our regular filter and UV bulb maintainance programme always ensures you water quality is at its best.

For animal farm needs we design and install suitable systems and advise on dealing with any issues such as hardness, iron and manganese and ph correction.

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