DeLaval VMS™

DeLaval VMS™ the ultimate milking system

DeLaval VMS™ milking robots are renowned for their operating efficiency and robust, around the clock performance. They enable you to harvest up to 3,000 litres of milk per day per robot and come as standard with four quarter milking and mastitis detection index (MDi) milk analysis technology, among other things.

It is equipped with mastitis detection index MDi technology and a cow calendar as standard. MDi measures conductivity per quarter, blood per quarter and milking interval per quarter of a cow, and alerts you if the animal is at risk of developing mastistis in that quarter.

The cow calendar send you regular alerts e.g. when a cow is due for insemination according to the 21-day cycle and activity measurement.
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Feed cows right
DelPro feeding module
Auto feed calculator
Automatic feed time control

DelPro feed tables and automatic feed calculation can provide the exact feed amount for each cow based on accurate milk yield.

Automatic feed time control ensures that during milking you can feed individually without any rest feed in the manger.

Improve udder health
DelPro MDi
Quarter milking

Milk quality and milk diverting is controlled with unique MDi (milk detection index) that combines several measurements to reach high reliability.

With accurate quarter milking, take off per quarter occurs at exactly the right moment to ensure good udder health.
Get cows pregnant
DelPro cow monitor
Cow calendar
Activity meters

Cow monitor highlights the cows and quarters that need your attention with colors and trend indication.

DelPro herd graph shows the status of each individual cow on one screen. This provides you with a very quick and accurate overview of the whole herd.

With the introduction of VMS Plus+ and the unique range of tailored VMS solutions, we are taking robotic dairy farming to the next level.

VMS enables you to harness up to 3000 litres of milk per day per unit. It is equipped with mastitis detection index MDi technology and a cow calendar as standard.

  VMS Supra the most accurate udder health control
VMS Supra is equipped with the Online Cell Counter (OCC). With accurate somatic cell counts every milking, you receive consistent information about each cow’s udder. Milk with a high cell count can be automatically diverted and the cow can be redirected for treatment.

VMS Supra+ No.1 in reproduction management
VMS Supra+ is the ultimate milking system. It comes equipped with Herd Navigator™. It detects which cows are on heat in your herd with 95% accuracy. It also identifies any cows that are at risk of developing ketosis or mastitis, before any clinical signs are visible.
DeLaval Plus--919

Put the Plus in your VMS farm
There is much more to robotic milking and the VMS than the milking station. VMS Plus+ brings together the three pillars of dairy farming so that you can get the most out of your dairy farming operation.

Optimal performance is about getting the details right. We help you achieve this by ensuring that cow traffic runs smoothly, your milking equipment is performing optimally, and that milking is fast and effective. This way you maximise throughput and milk yield while minimising your costs per litre of milk.  

Effective herd management means having the right tools and processes in place and combining them to ensure your cows have a healthy and productive life. If you do this effectively you will reduce insemination, vet and feed costs, while, increasing productivity and milk quality.

Advanced milking technology is the latest innovations in milk analysis and real quarter milking. It also includes a wide range of smart milking technologies, to further improve profitability and herd health.
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