Delaval Automated Milking Systems


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DeLaval AMR™ is the latest in rotary technology.

Having just five task-specific hydraulic robots it enables you to achieve up to 1,600 fully automatic milkings every day. DeLaval AMR™ automatic milking rotary is designed to meet all farm management styles: batch milking, semi-voluntary or fully-voluntary milking. True quarter milking, DeLaval DelPro™ Farm Manager and DeLaval’s vast experience within milking technology all contribute to the most advanced milking system in the world. 

DeLaval VMS™ the ultimate milking system.

DeLaval VMS™ milking robots are renowned for their operating efficiency and robust, around the clock performance. They enable you to harvest up to 3,000 litres of milk per day per robot and come as standard with four quarter milking and mastitis detection index (MDi) milk analysis technology, among other things.


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