DeLaval Rotary PR

DeLaval parallel rotaries are customised to match your specific farming situation.  DeLaval is there to ensure you get the right solution for your operating hours, cow weights, deck requirements and overall production demands.

All the benefits of rotary milking engineered to suit your farm

The operating requirements of a rotary platform can vary widely depending on farming style. Variables such as cow size, cow weight, milkings per day or year and platform deck material should be carefully considered when choosing your rotary milking solution.
The DeLaval parallel rotary PR range of rotary milking solutions has been engineered to cater for these large variations in duty requirements. Your new DeLaval rotary milking solution will be configured to suit your individual farming requirements.


Platform control centre
- Multi-function platform control is easy to use
- Post mounted for your convenience
- Integrated to NZ's most advanced range of operator safety features

Roller pedestal and track
- Quick release system for ease of maintenance
- Tapered roller system with flexible pedestals to reduce wear and maintain an incredibly rigid platform
- Steel track with wear strip for easy maintenance
- Automatic track lubricator to reduce maintenance needs

Integrated herd management
- Tailored feeding for each individual cow
- Milk yield recording
- Automatic drafting
- Cow retention system
- Blood and conductivity


Deck material options
Choose from:
- Concrete for a quiet milking environment and corrosion resistance
- Long life SuperDek for corrosion resistance and less weight
- Traditional painted steel for lightweight applications

Automation options
- Mastitis indication
- Automatic cluster removal
- Milk sweep system
- Automatic teat spray system

Milk extraction options
- Light weight, high flow rate, top-flow clusters
- Heavy-duty stainless steel cluster
- Economical medium weight bottom-flow clusters
- High quality premium rubber or silicone tubes


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