DeLaval Midiline ML2100 - Herringbone

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DeLaval MidiLine™ ML2100 is the ultimate low input, high throughput, batch milking system. It makes maximum use of each cluster. 

Clusters are positioned in the middle of the pit, and swing over to serve both sides of the parlour – very cluster-efficient compared to systems with one milking unit per stal

Modular for flexibility
How many cows are you milking today? And in the future? With the DeLaval ML2100, you can invest with confidence in what you expect to need. If you later expand, you simply add on to what you have already bought.

Modular for fast installation
The DeLaval ML2100 is delivered pre-assembled in compact modules. It's easily installed in an existing parlour or a new building, saving installation time and costs. The new pre-mounted receiver SR100 is specifically designed for MidiLine™ systems. The whole system is designed to make the most of limited space – all the automation equipment, except part of the cleaning device, is mounted overhead.

Choose your level of automation
You can choose the automation you need. You might start with just clusters and pulsation and move on to milk metering, automatic cluster removers (ACR), full herd management with sorting, in parlour feeding and cow performance monitoring. The new milking point controllers DeLaval MPC580 and MPC680 with DeLaval milk meter MM27BC deliver accurate data for better results. When ALPRO™ connected , they provide good information for you to optimize your herd’s performance.

The swing over arm improves milker comfort and efficiency – and cluster alignment, for more even milking and better udder health. It is usually an integral part of a new system. You can upgrade an existing basic system by adding swing over arms.

Standard features include:
Plate heat exchanger for pre-cooling milk
Fully ISO compliant
Future proof upgradeability

Optional features include:
Choice of two milking point controllers (MPC)
Swing over arm for efficient cluster alignment
Full herd management system to record individual data for each cow
Milk metering with DeLaval MM27BC or Fi5
ComfortStart intergrated to milking point controller
DeLaval automatic cleaning unit C200
Double bank plate heat exchange for pre-cooling milk
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