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Our team at Professional Farm Services Ltd (PFS) provides an end to end service that helps our dairy farm customers to meet the infrastructural systems and facility requirements needed to deal with their dairy farm's effluent and its associated irrigation. 

PFS does this in conjunction with our pump and electrical operations, Professional Pump Services Ltd and Professional Electrical Services Ltd.

Our long standing presence in the dairy industry provides us with the experience and expertise to offer practical advice and systems for hanfdling the movement and application of dairy farm effluent.

Our experience shows us that there is no single ‘out of the box‘ solution as there are many variables such as ground type, terrain and effluent consistency, for instance, that have key impacts upon the overall design and operation of the system ultimately implemented.

Our approach encompasses:
  • Effluent & irrigation system design, planning, supply and installation
  • Infrastructure supply - pumps, lines, parts, integration into farm water system etc.
  • Effluent pumps & effluent pond stirrers
  • Trenching & pipe laying
  • Electrical control systems, telemetry & data logging
  • Maintenance, servicing and repair
This aspect of our work is part of the whole water reticulation and irrigation infrastructure that we can create for your farm, and includes the dairy plant washdown and cooling requirements, all the way through to handling and disposing of the green waste water.

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